MSX Template Pack goes beyond Visual Studio: LINUX and MAC!

By DamnedAngel

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22-03-2021, 03:11

Hi folks,

I've just released version 00.05.00 of my MSX Template Pack for Microsoft Visual Studio and it went Linux and Mac!!!

Relevant link here: MSX Template Pack v00.05.00 - Codename Mac 'n' Tux

This version of the MSX Template Pack expands the target environment beyond Visual Studio and Windows. Now all three templates have a script to allow Linux and Mac users to unleash the power of sdcc for MSX!

Of course, Microsoft Visual Studio remains the main target of the project, but now everyone gets a native option to build their MSX programs.

Special thanks to Pedro Medeiros for implementing the foundations of Without his help, this release wouldn't be possible.

Please let me know of your experiences and, of course, any bugs you may find.

Happy MSX'ing!

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By pizzapower

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24-03-2021, 22:40

Glad I could help. Looking forward to hearing about new games using this tool and about those programming classes. Big smile