Myths and Dragons: The pre-purchase period at a reduced price begins, with extra exclusive contents!

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By Kai Magazine

Paragon (1241)

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21-05-2017, 13:03

Myths and Dragons is to be released by the end of July.
As usual, we offer a pre-purchase period at a special price in order to get the necessary funding to pay for all the material related to the development of the physical format of the game.

Only available for the pre-purchased versions.

In this particular case, this pre-purchase period will also serve to determine how long and big the project will be: The more pre-purchases, the bigger the game will be.
Bigger means: more stages, more characters, more enemies, more final bosses, more endings, more secrets, Versus mode…

The game is a beat’em up 2 players game with RPG elements, where the characters will gain experience and money, they will level up and purchase equipment, etc.
The game will advance in a similar way to Sector 88, mission based, each mission being replayable in order to earn mor EXP and GOLD, a town where to purchase your equipment, and a map where to select your missions and see what to do in them.
This offers replayability ,hours and hours of gameplay, etc. (Lots of people have told us they loved the RPG element in Sector 88).

Hardware requisites:
-Msx2 with 64k of RAM (I will try to make it work on a msx1 with 64k of ram as well, but this is not a priority)
-V9990 compatible (gfx9000, video9000, powergraph, Krakengraph, VroBit…)
-MSX Music (Fm pac or compatible) or MSX Music Music Module or compatible) or OPL4 compatible (Moonsound, shockwave, wozblaster…). OPL4 needs an MSX with at least 128k of RAM.
-Optimizations for Panasonic 2+ and Turbo R
-If your MSX does not have internal FM or you wish to use any other compatible sound chip, you will need an slot expander in order to listen to the music.

As usual, the game has a special price while in pre-purchase period in order to reward those who support our projects in advance.

The special price is 39 Euro + Shipping (Regular price: 42 Euro)
Shipping costs are:
Spain: 4,90 Euro
Europe:9,80 Euro
Rest of the world: 12,80

9 Euro (Regular price: 12 Euro)

Anyone interested can contact with me at:

Thank you everyone for making our games possible with the pre-purchases!

Gameplay video:

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By Manuel

Ascended (15125)

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21-05-2017, 18:21

How did you program it? Can you tell a bit about it?

By Kai Magazine

Paragon (1241)

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22-05-2017, 10:06

At this moment it is made with compiled basic, as usual.
Instead of using the v9938 graphic commands I use out commands. I have a subroutine to do the blitter, another to change page, another to detect the vsync, etc. I just define the coordinates with variables and I do a gosub to the v9990 subroutine (or you could call it function, if you will) and the graphic command is done.
The game logic is created as usual. The only thing that changes are the graphic commands.
If I get my hands on the moonblaster wave replayer, I might recode it all in C.

Does anyone has the source code for the moonblaster wave replayer?

By Manuel

Ascended (15125)

Manuel's picture

22-05-2017, 22:50

Perhaps msd has it... as he wrote the editor updates 15 years ago.

By TheKid

Paladin (759)

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23-05-2017, 07:39

Wow, looks realy nice. The graphics reminds me a lot of (sorry, have to curse here) amiga, which has a lot of these games in it's library. Sign me up for one copy oscar Smile


Enlighted (6084)

ARTRAG's picture

23-05-2017, 10:04

It looks like an adaptation of the awesome arcade games by Capcom about Dungeons & Dragons (IIRC they were two: Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom and Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara).
I'm in definitely!!! Wink

By hap

Paragon (2016)

hap's picture

23-05-2017, 14:30

I recognize you're a fan of Capcom beatemups. Will you give credit to Capcom for the graphics? oO

Ogre baddies are based on these guys, and the crossbow is exactly same.

lower half of the background is from this:

By syn

Paragon (1899)

syn's picture

23-05-2017, 15:40

Hero sprites (warrior/wizard) look like they are edited from the original but hard to judge from fuzzy cam footage.

By hamlet

Scribe (2206)

hamlet's picture

23-05-2017, 15:56

Yes, they look very similiar. But please don' start another Life On Mars/Metroid discussion. Oscar is doing a great job and I guess he won't get rich by selling this game. As long Capcom don't care, we also won't. Nobody mentioned about HighwayFighter an a very similiar Konami game. We get new games in 2017, isn't that great?

By hap

Paragon (2016)

hap's picture

23-05-2017, 16:33

Also, I see the 2nd image lower background is from Capcom's Knights of the Round, and 1st image lower bg is from Capcom's Dungeons & Dragons SoM. Anyway, if Kai gives credit to Capcom on the game titlescreen and documentation, I won't mind as much.

By Kai Magazine

Paragon (1241)

Kai Magazine's picture

23-05-2017, 16:54

Indeed, I am a great fan of capcom and I will credit capcom. The first text before the intro will include the homage text.
As a matter of fact, I started creating this engine WITH KOD graphics (I have a working version of the game with KOD graphics, which looks spectacular, the beta testers have seen it).
I felt tempted to call it King of dragons and make it a port, but then everyone would expect a 1:1 version like Ghouls and Ghosts, but it is not our wish to make a 1:1 version, because I want to make it more RPG/mission based (like sector 88) so:
Once the engine was finished and the playability was almost the same, I started changing the graphics.
Some are worked over the original sprites, others are made from scratch, but trying to imitate as much as possible the original, without being a rip (like the dragon).
As you will see in the final result, comparing the original/kai sprites side by side, they will remind you of KOD inmediatelly without a doubt, but they will not have a single pixel in common. (exept that crosbow, which is still the same, indeed, but I might change it to a bow if this bothers someone).
The game will inmediatelly remind anyone of KOD, and the playability will be almost identical, since it is a clone, but it will be completelly different when you compare it side by side.
It will keep the same essence, but all the sprites, backgrounds and music will be different.
I always wanted a game similar to KOD with REAL rpg elements, and thanks to the v9990 I will finally have it (even if I have to do it myself). I hope others like it as well.

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