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By sd_snatcher

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24-02-2014, 01:42

I don't want to flood you with feature requests since you're the lone programmer on this wonderful project, but the SUBST command from MS-DOS would also be very welcome. It allows DOS1 (or CP/M) programs (IOW, without directory support) to have easy access to given directories.

Also, ASSIGN drives would be better if they had independent directory support. I.e.:


Currently, both A: and B: will be on \BAR directory. If they were independent, A: would still have \FOO selected.

By msd

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24-02-2014, 09:25

@sd_snatcher: I think you can already do that with the APPEND command.



APPEND is not actually defined by default, but when set up is an
environment item that has a special meaning to the system. It is used only
with standard CP/M programs.

CP/M programs do not know how to use sub-directories because CP/M does
not have sub-directories, but instead just has the equivalent of the current
directory. When such a program opens a file, it searches for it only within
this single directory and thus only has drives and filenames, not paths.

When a CP/M program is run under MSX-DOS and attempts to open a file, it
only searches for the filename in the current directory of the appropriate
drive. Similarly, when the user types in a filename to a CP/M program it may
only contain a drive and filename, and thus also refers only to files in the
current directory.

When this search is performed through MSX-DOS, if the file is not found
in the current directory, then the APPEND environment item is looked at. If
it is not set up then the file has not been found. If set up, then it is
assumed to be a path name, and specifies a single alternative directory in
which the search for the file continues.

By konamiman

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24-02-2014, 13:02

When making suggestions for adding features to Nextor just remember that I am not writing any changes for the command interpreter (COMMAND2.COM) at all, Nextor uses the same interpreter as MSX-DOS 2 (COMMAND 2.4x recommended). All the new Nextor functionalities are handled via external tools (whose sources are available in my web site, by the way).

By AxelStone

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24-02-2014, 19:02

The ability to set the computer at 60hz at start Cool

By mars2000you

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24-02-2014, 19:07

AxelStone wrote:

The ability to set the computer at 60hz at start Cool

I think there's 60HZ.COM for that.

By msd

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24-02-2014, 19:13

COMMAND.COM 2.44 already have the command HERTZ to change that.

By AxelStone

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24-02-2014, 20:06

But you can boot the machine at 60hz directly?

By msd

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24-02-2014, 20:55

@AxelStone: Yes put it in your autoexec.bat

By Meits

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24-02-2014, 22:32

Won't work if you boot a game from a cartridge... You'll need a japanese computer then, or have a 60Hz ROM... Got such a thing in my Sony 700... Can't say I regret that, since before I had that vdp(10)=0 was a line I could type blindly with on finger whilst looking the other way...

By karloch

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24-02-2014, 22:48

Maybe out of the scope but, what about color ANSI support? That would be great for the BBS and the INL TCPCON, as ANSTEL does not work with UNIAPI.

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