Pletter with tniAsm 0.45

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By Chilly Willy

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28-03-2021, 13:39

It compiled under TNIASM with no modification however it doesn't work with strait decompression.

I noticed that it has mode extensions like a command structure when designing basic or logo...

Am I supposed to pass it the mode or something.

All I need is DE destination address in ram and HL the source to be Decompressed.

What I am doing is making maps larger than the 768 tile window.
Decompress them to some assigned memory for each level where they can be manipulated then sent to VRAM.

My problem is that I have 20 maps which not fit with the code inside the 32k rom I am burning.

All this mode stuff is not necessary. Just strait decompress the code with no extras.

By santiontanon

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28-03-2021, 15:21

Those "mode"s are just internal code of Pletter Chilly Willy, nothing that you should worry about. If it is not working, it could be that your compressed data is not correct. As I mentioned above, Pletter can compress in many different ways (including the size in the first byte or not, etc.). So, make sure that your compressed data is what the decompressor is expecting.

@jitursan: I can't remember right now about Pletter vs ZX0, but Pletter is much faster decompressing than most other compressors. I remember benchmarking it a while ago (against exomizer and aplib), and Pletter was 3x - 4x faster than exomizer and also faster than aplib (I think about 1.5x or so, but can't remember exactly). I did some tests a few weeks ago, and if I remember correctly Pletter is also a bit faster than zx0 in decompressing, but if zx0 is also pretty fast (again, speaking from memory, so, I might be misremembering here hehe).

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