Salamander Voices Addon

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By Victor

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23-07-2016, 13:11

[WYZ wrote:

]@Victor Great! good news.
My first option is to mantain and respect the original work Konami work so if it is posible to include all the patches in SALAMANDER_COMPACT.

Well, then I'll make two version, one with the original KONAMI version, and other one with the FRS patch.

By Manuel

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23-07-2016, 13:19

ARTRAG wrote:

Is it possible in open msx for Android to select the mapper type while loading salandercompact.rom?

The OSD menu doesn't have mapper type selection, so you'll have to use the console for that, sorry.

By [WYZ]

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23-07-2016, 14:57

Salamander Voice Set Add On Download 16Kb is completed.

Now just play and Destroy them All!!!

A Dualplay Walkthrough on YouTube should be nice! ;)

By valkyre

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23-07-2016, 19:04

Nice enhancement. Thanks!

By karloch

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23-07-2016, 20:43

I can't get it to work with openMSX, any tips?

By [WYZ]

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23-07-2016, 21:12

Rom Konami5 for both carttdges and no more. Smile

By tfh

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23-07-2016, 21:43

Also any idea on how to get it working on WebMSX? I tried loading them both together with the [KonamiSCC] extension but I only seem to get the normal SCC sound.
If I only load the 16kByte ROM in slot 1 I get a text screen, telling me it can't find the original Salamander Cart (logical)
But when I add the Salamander Cart in slot 2, I just get the "normal" Salamander sounds (no samples)


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24-07-2016, 10:36

How to get the good ending ?
From internet I see:


Unlock The Real Final Level
To unlock the real final level and boss, you need to insert the Gradius 2/Nemesis 2 game in the second cartridge slot of the MSX while the Salamander game is inserted in the first cartridge slot. When playing the game, collect the 5 "Predictions" found in each stage (except the first stage). If done right, you'll reach the real final level, face the real last boss and get the good ending.

If ths is the sole way, could the Voice rom fool the game in ordet to imulate the nemesis 2 presence?

By hap

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24-07-2016, 10:38

tfh post it in the WebMSX thread? Maybe emulation is incomplete, I assume it relies on correct deform/test register behaviour for timing.

By [WYZ]

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24-07-2016, 11:04

@tfh is able the emulation to get 2 or more SCC?

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