Salamander Voices Addon

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By [WYZ]

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06-08-2016, 16:10

Salamander Voice Set Add On Download

Cheat menu will not be added.


Salamander voice addon v1.0

Wyz & Artrag 2016


This rom is an stand alone file. It searchs for salamander cartridge
and includes the voice set for:

- Intro demo
- gameplay
- pause
- try again
- ending demos

2.- How to play

Insert salamander compact in a prmary slot and your salamander cartridge
in anothe slot.

*** Important ***

- A second scc chip is required.
- Selct konami5 mapper for salamander_compact.rom

To select voice set at game boot press:

- Original voice set for both player [default]
- original & female voice [ctrl]
- original & male voice [ctrl+shift]

You will hear a confirmation voice.

3.- Controlling play

Just play the game and enjoy.

4.- The crush blow operations

Nemesis 2 must to be inserted to get the crystal breeze and
complete the mision. Slot expander or a combinated salamander+nemesis2.rom
should be used for emulators

Isr samples story / credits

Salamander_compact proyect Wyz
isr method concept and calculations Wyz
voice encoder and improvements Artrag

*** Warning ***

If you want to use this shareware in your own proyects please inform

Thanks to

Manuel pazos
raul fernandez-santacruz

and you.

By tfh

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06-08-2016, 16:46

Latok wrote:

Done. You want something else? A cold beer, perhaps? Just let me know.

Thanks Smile And a beer would be nice. Could you bring it around 18:00, so I can have it at dinner? Please send a nice ( . ) ( . ) girl to serve it. Thanks again! Smile

WYZ: Thanks for the great job. I've sent you an e-mail Smile


Enlighted (6493)

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06-08-2016, 21:17

Just tested, great additions !
Greetings and thanks for making such a masterpiece

By Colemu

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28-08-2016, 13:12

This is just great!!
I look forward to an IPS to fully patch the original ROM.

Only one minor issue, the speech is a little quiet and I struggle to hear it sometimes (I'm sure the arcade version's speech was louder than the music). Is there a way of adjusting the volume?

Again, great work and thank you for this enhancement Big smile

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