Something special about BASIC line 0

By Eugeny_Brychkov

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16-02-2020, 21:26

Found a funny thing, never caught it before and have no idea if it is documented and ever found before.
If you type
0 screen 2
or any other command into line 0, then perform LIST, it displays
where '-' is space. Then if you get up two lines up and press ENTER on listed line 0, then perform list again, you will have
0---SCREEN 2
BASIC adds one extra space to line 0 at its beginning. Does not happen for other choices I tested.

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By Gig71

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16-02-2020, 23:09

Just tested.
Funny Thing !

By Manuel

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17-02-2020, 00:03

Yeah, I noticed that as well (don't remember when, must have been decades ago)... Perhaps someone could find out whether it's a bug or a side effect of some other thing.

By thegeps

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17-02-2020, 00:17

Wrote about this also in my 10liner code description two days ago..

By Parn

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17-02-2020, 15:01

I stumbled upon this decades ago, when I made most of my FM-BASIC music. I used lines 0 to 9 to put information like track name, where it was from, original composer, date of composition and arrangement and such. I soon noticed line 0 worked differently from other lines by not ignoring any space between its number and its content. I noticed this happens while tokenizing the line, but I don't know why.

By Pencioner

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17-02-2020, 16:46

Line number 0 is presented as two zero bytes when tokenized. Two zero bytes also used for indicating end of basic program in memory (after last line). Might be this is kind of protection from false positive of program end by putting &h20 (space) after the line number 0? So it could have a check for two zero bytes and then next byte shouldn't be a space, to indicate end of basic program?

By Parn

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17-02-2020, 17:52

I don't think so, since the end of the program is also marked on the last line. Also, no spaces are stored when you don't put a space between 0 and its first statement. The only difference is that when you explicitly write a single space between the line number and its first statement, it will be ignored during tokenizing if the line isn't numbered 0.

By pgimeno

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17-02-2020, 23:42

My tokenizer supports this quirk (I think it's a bug):

Entering e.g. 0SCREEN 2 removes the space.

Edit: Yes, it's a bug. The same entry point used for direct commands is used for entering lines, and a zero line number (in register DE at that point, routine at 4195h in the HX-10 ROM) is interpreted as a direct command, which makes it not skip the first leading space, not sure why it wants to keep it but that's the cause.

  LD A,D
  OR E
  JR Z,L419F
  LD A,(HL)
  CP ' '
  JR NZ,L419F