Tutorial: Multiplatform Z80 ASM development videos... with vampires!

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By keith56

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24-03-2018, 23:42

The first of my new "Platform Specific" Series is on youtube!
Teaching how to make 'Hello World' Functionality in Assembly, on 5 systems in 25 minutes (MSX,CPC,ZX spectrum, TI-83 and Enterprise)

Includes: Clear Screen, Locate (move text cursor)... read keypresses, and print Characters and strings... this tutorial creates common functions which allow you to develop one program, that can be compiled for 5 different Z80 classic systems...

I've added proper Subtitles this time! please let me know if they help, as it took me hours to add... I've also retrospectively added subtitles to Lessons 1-4... so please take a look if you were having trouble with the way I speak.

The documentation, and sources are available here!

The Z80 toolkit is available here.. though it's an earlier version than the one I used today... I'll get the latest version up as soon as I can!


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25-03-2018, 10:09

Respect! You are doing a great job

By keith56

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01-04-2018, 09:15

This week's Z80 tutorial is up... Multiplatform lesson M1!... The Multiplatform series will use the code from the Platform Specific series... so this code will work on any Z80 system I'm covering

This week we're going to learn how to make some simple debugging tools, to check the status of the Z80...

Source, and docs at:

By keith56

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08-04-2018, 23:41

Lesson 2 of the Platform Specific series is now up!- Covering how to read the location of the text cursor on MSX,CPC,ZX Speccy, Enterprise 128/64, TI-83... and now the Sam Coupe!
This lesson also covers an example 'Gocha' with WinApe's IFDEF compiler directives that's caught me out many times!
As always, This Video lesson matches the text lesson on my website:


Also please note, lessons in the basic series up to 6 now have correct subtitles, so please use them if it helps you follow my videos!

By keith56

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15-04-2018, 23:46

The next lesson is up! Multiplatform Lesson M2 - String Reading and Memory Dumping!

Based on our previous lessons, we're now going to read in a line of text input from the user, and convert it to a HEX memory address.. and dump some bytes of memory to the screen in a nice debugger output...

because it uses our 'Common modules' from the platform series... This common code example will work on ZX spectrum, MSX, TI-83, Sam Coupe, Amstrad CPC and Enterprise 128!

Along the way, we'll learn how to pass parameters to a call as bytes in the code, rather than registers... how to covert Uppercase to lower, Ascii to Hex, and much more!


There is a text based lesson matching the content here on my website, and of course, you can download the source code for all my lessons from:

If would like to support my channel and ongoing 8-bit game development, please consider backing me on patreon:

By N.I

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16-04-2018, 03:40

Thank you for the new tutorial.
The link of the development tool of the following page seems to be invalid.

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