blueMSX latest version

By Bit Addict

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24-04-2016, 08:50

Where can I find the latest compiled version?

I found version 2.8.3 and BlueMSX Thanksgiving 2013 version (based on 2.8.2?):

I also found the source code of version 2.9?

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By mars2000you

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24-04-2016, 11:19

Go to this page of the blueMSX forum :

By DanySoft

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08-11-2017, 21:11

bluemsx 2.9 ?
In this case, I do not have time to wait so long.

So bluemsx is no longer the future emulator after the F18A chip output replaces tms99xx and v99xx!
So he has not updated the emulator bluemsx 2.9. Farewell previous version of Bluemsx!

I will not follow bluemsx anymore!!!

I will continue to use OpenMSX!

By Grauw

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08-11-2017, 21:58

DanySoft wrote:

So bluemsx is no longer the future emulator after the F18A chip output replaces tms99xx and v99xx!

Maybe on TI99/4A or Colecovision, but I don’t care much for F18A on MSX at all. We already have the V9938/58 which are way better than the TMS9918, and also the V9990 which is very capable, many people already have, and and does not require internal modification like the F18A does. The only thing we don’t have enough of is V9990 software.

By syn

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09-11-2017, 13:52

danysoft: I dont think an emulator should be written off due to the (lack of) support of one single feature (in this case F18A).

Both blue and openMSX serve their purpose in our scene (user-friendliness vs accuracy/features/updates) and the fact that they still coexist is imo an example for either to what they need to work on.

Also was this bump (posting in a year+ old thread) necessary?

By Pencioner

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09-11-2017, 15:09

I didn't quite understand your comment, @DanySoft. You're free to use what you want. If someone don't have enought time to put any effort of developing the free stuff, you're free to donate enough so they make a new release. If you don't - use another one, whatever. But your comment sounds like a blame what i don't get. I personally like both of emus, and i feel pity that BlueMSX seems to be abandoned. (Heh and i recently found another bug in it but i don't know if it is worth efforts reporting either because of that)

By Manuel

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09-11-2017, 17:32

I personally don't see the relation between F18A and the choice of an emulator, but that might be me.

By Metalion

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09-11-2017, 18:02

That's quite a stupid and useless comment ... I personnally see it as yet another part of the pointless and boring war between those who use BlueMSX and those who prefer OpenMSX.

And I agree with Manuel.
The F18A is not part of the MSX, so why should an emulator embark it.
You might as well ask them to add a coffee grinder device ...

By DanySoft

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09-11-2017, 23:42

Okay, I'm following bluemsx and openmsx.
Anyway I know how to program with v9990!
v9990: Sprite

With P1 or P2 mode of v9990 you can use all sprites. Included Video9000.

By Maggoo

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10-11-2017, 16:00

I personally would like to see F18A support in MSX emulators but given the limited user base I can see why it would not be a priority. It's a neat device and aside from the improved video quality, it offers lot of cool features (the sprites, characters, layers, interrupts management is much better than say what Screen 2/4 can offer).

I guess without emulator support it's going to limit the potential for development but if you have a look at the TI99 scene, it generated a lot of interesting developments.