BlueMSX video capture problem

By SkalTura

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19-02-2017, 11:36

Hi there...

Maybe it's my computer, but I tried to make a video of KingsVally (1), but for some reason the video gets messed up after pyramid 5 or 6. It gives me a scrambled screen.
So I tried doing it a few pyramids at a time, and the first 5 I did in one video without any problem.
Then I tried doing another 5, starting the video after the previous recorded stage, but it just won't do it anymore.
The file is there, and I can play it back in BlueMSX, but when I try to convert it to AVI, it gives me a convert popup with 15876.2% complete, and after a few seconds it stops.

BlueMSX version 2.8.2
Computer: i5-6600K, 3.5GHz, Windows 7, 8Gb ram
Codes used: Full uncompressed, Cinepak, Microsoft RLE, Microsoft video1 (all the same issue)

I tried it again, starting the game from the absolute beginning, and again stopping it after a few stages, and that works fine again.

Is this a familiar problem, or some weird issue that only I have ?

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By JohnHassink

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19-02-2017, 18:48

Sounds like a codec problem.
I have to be honest here: I love blueMSX, but as far as recording stuff goes, openMSX is absolutely superior and blue is actually a pain in the ass.

By SkalTura

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23-02-2017, 19:31

I'll have a look at OpenMSX then if that works better.
Many thanks ;-)