Daewoo CPC300

By Daemos

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06-01-2015, 13:18

how do I start a rom in that machine? the machine boots into basic no matter in which slot I insert the cartridge. This... thing... is unlike anything I have ever seen.

What am I missing here?

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By gdx

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06-01-2015, 14:06

Press once Select key when the korean text is displayed.

By mars2000you

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06-01-2015, 14:27

More infos here :


Precisions about the CPC-300E variant :

The Daewoo CPC-300E machine does not come with the MSX-Tutor and does not display date and time on the boot screen. It comes without any clockchip. It has also less RAM (64 kb instead of 128 kb). For the updated config, check the Resource page of the blueMSX site.

By Daemos

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06-01-2015, 15:04

thanks it works Smile looks like even the daemoo CPC300 is no match for my new rom loader Wink