Emulator controller keymap

By mitaholo

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23-02-2018, 02:44

I've been working on getting openMSX on RetroPie and as many games as possible to be fully usable with only the controller.

Joystick directions are on the dpad and joystick triggers on Y and B (the most ergonomic buttons to press and hold IMO). I have F1-F5 and 0-4 mapped to the analog sticks as those are needed in many games, but rarely as action keys. Some games require Y/N decisions, so I mapped those to the triggers. Same with RETURN and ESC, which are mapped to Start and Select.

I don't really know what to do with A, X, L1 and R1. For now I chose GRAPH, SPACE, X, and C which seem to be quite commonly used, but most of the time are already mapped to either joystick trigger in-game. Which keys would you map to these buttons and/or would you change the other mappings?

I can share the openMSX settings file and xboxdrv config file once everyone is happy with the mappings.

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