fMSX Odroid-Go port

By Schuemi

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17-08-2018, 10:22


if someone is interested, I'm making a fMSX Port for Odroid-Go (

The Project Page:


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By Manuel

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17-08-2018, 20:18

Can you try openMSX after that? Smile


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17-08-2018, 21:28

Fmsx is very inaccurate for modern games and demos
Openmsx is the best emulator

By Schuemi

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15-09-2018, 15:52

The problem is, i am on the edge of the performance this device can do. You are right, Openmsx is (even by the license) better, but I don't think the device can handle it. But maybe i'll give it a try.

By La Gaseta Msx

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17-09-2018, 11:51

Thank you Schuemi to work in this development!
Keep informig.Best regards.

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