Help! I can't run OpenMSX 16.0 at all!

By Unregistered user

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13-12-2020, 17:25

Hello! I'm a newbie in the world of MSX emulation. I just downloaded OpenMSX 16.0 but it always give me the same message:
"Fatal error: MultiByteToWideChar failed: 1113"

The older versions seem to run without problem. What's wrong?

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By sdsnatcher73

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14-12-2020, 18:57

What OS and platform are you on?

By Manuel

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14-12-2020, 19:06

What is the path of your Windows user directory?

By ren

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14-12-2020, 19:32


(So try to use only standard/basic ASCII chars in your path.)

By Manuel

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14-12-2020, 19:39

I call any Windows developer to please help us solve this issue.