The Links NGA

By enribar

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31-12-2014, 13:24

So... Finally I've bought a NGA cartridge for the connection to The Links network.
The Links network officially doesn't exist anymore...
But Takamichi told me that this company ran LINKS and in fact it still exists:
They changed their name slightly links -> linx
NGA firmware is already dumped:
So... Is it possible to recreate The Link and connect to with our emulators?

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By cklayman

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04-02-2015, 16:53

I am just curious what this network is (or was). I cannot find any info about it in English and reading Japanese even with Google translate is still difficult


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04-02-2015, 17:06

We just talked about that in Nijmegen... Problem is that no one knows how the server side works, so copy of the client is not very usefull. We know that there was some BBS, news service, link game server, online program content etc., but hardware/software of that part is unknown.

Links cartridge was replacement of todays web browser + modem.

By sd_snatcher

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24-06-2015, 01:44


Could you open the cartridge and publish high res scans of its both sides? That would help with the reverse engineering.

By Piter Punk

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24-06-2015, 22:23

I have a dump of NGA-II ROM. It helps? I send it to where?

I can only open it when I go back to my home.

By sd_snatcher

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25-06-2015, 00:36

I also found the dumps of the NGA-I and NGA-II online. But unfortunately without the hardware it's not useful at all.