A new kind of emulation ?

By mars2000you

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08-01-2014, 14:51

Check this : http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/952953995/bluetooth-zx-s...

Maybe someone will imagine something similar for MSX ??? ;)

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By cax

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08-01-2014, 16:55

Which of many MSX keyboards do you dream about ?

By mars2000you

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08-01-2014, 17:32

I think it's the big problem with MSX, as there are many different keyboards, with or without numeric pad for example.

Personnally, I think the best keyboard should be the turboR keyboard, but I guess many people will prefer a MSX1 model because MSX1 comes with more nostalgy in the hearts of the MSX fans ....

By Manuel

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08-01-2014, 17:51

Maybe I don't get it, but why would you want this BlueTooth ZX Spectrum? What's the point?

By yzi

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08-01-2014, 18:01

Funny. To me that ZX Spectrum keyboard looks more like a joke really. Maybe they'll actually manufacture those things if they reach the limit, but still it's meant to be a joke. "Look I have a ZX Spectrum keyboard!" It's like wanting to use a 14" black-and-white CRT TV set as the display in a big home theater setup. Sure, you can do it, and haha funny, but... haha funny.

By mars2000you

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08-01-2014, 18:15

Manuel : Personally I'm not interested, but I think that some MSX fans could be interested by such project 'ported' to MSX Wink

I know people who appreciate the qualities of openMSX and blueMSX, but when it comes to the keyboard, they say that some 'special feeling' is missing ... For them, it's not the same with a PC keyboard.

By flyguille

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08-01-2014, 20:31

I want a brand new TurboR 100% compatible FULL boosted FULL featured!.

And by that I mean a TurboR casing with nice keyboard (not a casing like an UGLY FAMICOM / SEGA console).

Who starts a kickstarter project to produce that?.

By st1mpy

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09-01-2014, 12:18

So I think having an authentic looking keys for any emulators are great. With this zx spectrum thing, those rubber keys are distinctive looks/feature that most people recognize as spectrum, but it was also one of the problems. Many parents bought other machines with a 'proper' keyboard eventhough in the end spectrum proved to be popular. I hated using those rubber keys, I will not pay 50 pounds to experience that again 30 years later... also from what I understand, they are selling that keyboard, then it works only with their official emulator app which is sold separately, then they are selling licensed spectrum games to be played on them (so its like, MSXPlayer emulator, or like paying for games in Project Egg, or nintendo Virtual Console, which are great idea, and seems lucrative to naive investers, but turns out to be not si popular with the users.)

I do want a msx keyboard though, not a replica because those panasonic keys are too plastic, a nice mechanical keys with msx layout would do, and turbo r layout has japanese word processor keys I think which are not needed for most users.