OpenMSX 0.12.0 Reverse not recording.

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By ~mk~

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27-03-2016, 16:50

Solved, thanks everyone.
Yes I had "English (United States) - United States-International".
Switched to "English (United States) - US" and problem solved.
I guess it's a feature because I just realized that if the next letter was a vowel, say the letter a, it would output ä.
The version that did not have this issue was openMSX 0.9.0 (2012-08-12).

By Manuel

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27-03-2016, 17:17

Are you sure this US International was working properly in 0.9.0? (Now that you know what the cause is.)

EDIT: aha, see

In other words: we have no idea why it got broken here... We'll have to see when we move off of SDL 1.2.

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