OpenMSX and BlueMSX debugger

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By rogermm

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05-01-2015, 20:31

I improved the openMSX debugging capabilities by creating a plugin abstraction on openMSX so one can develop/debug a DLL that implements some new MSX cartridge hardware. I sucessfully downgraded "MSX Turbo R GT" to "MSX 2++" using openMSX and an ARM Cortex M4 simulator, connecting each other using a Windows shared memory and the openMSX plugin abstraction. The upgrade to Turbo R will born soon on openMSX firstly(OpenMSX rocks!), after that it will be running on real hardware.This simulates the @MSXARM environment.

OpenMSX cartridge plugin abstraction source code:

OpenMSX cartridge plugin abstraction in action:

By Daemos

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05-01-2015, 19:11

I get bus error on linux. Crash is indeed not all the time in windows I get in the CMD:

"Error while opening xxxxxx.rom for writing! invalid argument"

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