Running old cassette tape files in MSX emulator

By kjeld

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22-08-2015, 12:18


Back in the eighties I recorded my own machine code programming files on cassette. I remember most of the interesting files are in a custom format by CHAMP which is a machine code programming tool.
I bought a USB cassette player. Is it possible to convert the audio containing the files, to actual files? So I can load them in some emulator?
Or alternatively, is it possible to connect the USB player to some emulator, e.g. BlueMSX, and load the files directly into the emulator?

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By djh1697

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22-08-2015, 13:08

By Manuel

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22-08-2015, 14:04

If you digitize the cassettes into WAV files, you should be able to insert the WAV file in the openMSX virtual cassetteplayer and use them as if they were the original tapes on the emulated MSX.

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By mars2000you

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22-08-2015, 21:09

Most of tape files can be digitized directly or indirectly into the CAS format.

Useful links

blueMSX supports directly the CAS format in its generic machines (internally, a patch is applied on the MSX BIOS rom to allow the launching of CAS files). This emulator has a Set Position feature with index of all the files present on the CAS file.