8 Bit Annual 2018 on Kickstarter

By keith56

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14-01-2018, 22:42

A friend of mine in the CPC community has started a kickstarter for an 8-bit annual which has game previews, game reviews and interviews for the MSX, so I thought I'd post it on this forum, in case anyone is interested in becoming a backer!

If anyone has any questions I'll pass them on to those doing the Kickstarter, I've provided an interview about the upcoming multiplatform ChibiAkumas, but otherwise I'm not involved in the publishing of this.

You can see the kickstarter here:

Here's a message from George Bachaelor, who's one of the people running the kickstarter:


Just a little over 24 hours in and we're 25% backed on the Kickstarter. Thanks to everyone who supported the project thus far. Please share this post so that others will hear about it, much appreciated. :-)

We will also have more information on the swag pledge and the number of pages in total in the book, which looking to be well over 250 pages so far, and predicted to go as high as 300 pages. With how active the 8-bit community is, that's no surprise.

We will also give the number of reviews for each format, so far, we got over 80 8-bit gaming reviews lined up across the major 8-bit platforms - the ZX Spectrum, the Commodore 64, the Amstrad CPC and the MSX. We have tried to offer a good amount of content for all of the 8-bit systems, some systems had more releases in 2017 than others, so that's why there may be a big difference in the number of reviews.

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By wyrdwad

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14-01-2018, 23:18

I didn't intend to contribute any actual articles to the magazine originally, but I wound up just submitting an in-depth review of "Ghost," so it seems George has some pretty good powers of persuasion. Who knows what other varied and sundry content he managed to get his hands on? Wink Should be a good read, either way, so I would definitely say to give it some support! I know I'm certainly looking forward to reading it.


By santiontanon

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15-01-2018, 03:37

Very nice project! I'm a sucker for all of these things, so, they have my support Smile

By keith56

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05-02-2018, 00:07

Just bumping this one to let everyone know the project is now over 100% backed.. but the kickstarter's still got some time to run, so there's still time to sign up!