8-BIT ANNUAL 2019 - 8-BIT DEV game contest

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21-04-2018, 22:39

Coming soon 8-BIT DEV a no restrictions game creation contest for all 8-BIT systems everyone welcome to participate......

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By santiontanon

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22-04-2018, 07:48

The more competitions the merrier Smile

Any clues about the rules/restrictions? Smile

By Tolvatar

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23-04-2018, 13:26

Homepage? Rules? Any info?

By wolf_

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23-04-2018, 13:34

That's the actual contest: find the contest! Tongue

By Grauw

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23-04-2018, 15:07

I’ve seen this tweet. I reckon more details will appear there in due time.

By Eugeny_Brychkov

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24-04-2018, 22:38

Why only games? Why not making database software?


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29-04-2018, 22:15

Greetings :)

Today i am launching the 8-BIT ANNUAL 8-BIT DEV.

It is a no restrictions 8-BIT gaming contest open to ALL ages, genders and skill levels.

The 8-BIT game development contest begins on May 1st, 2018 and ends on the 31st October, 2018.

A full list of rules, information and how to enter can be found below, hopefully this answers any questions you may have.


This 8-BIT Dev competition is open to ALL ages, genders and skill levels! Female coders / developers especially encouraged to enter.

Yes you may code on your own or in teams if you so wish.

The 8-BIT ANNUAL 8-BIT DEV is all about showcasing your creativity, imagination and coding skills on any 8-BIT system. These include: any Amstrad CPC or Plus / GX4000 models, any Sinclair Spectrum, any MSX, any Commodore, BBC, Acorn, Tandy, 8-BIT Nintendo or Sega consoles, Sam Coupe, any Atari and any other 8-BIT machine not mentioned.

8-BIT ANNUAL 8-BIT DEV is a NO RESTRICTIONS 8-BIT developers contest.

Yes you can enter your games from other contests.

All games and content must be your own original work - no plagiarizing others.

Yes you will be allowed to enter your 8-BIT game(s) and creations into other contests during and after the closing date.

Yes you may enter as many 8-BIT games or as much 8-BIT content as you like.

Yes you can enter one 8-BIT game on one machine or you can enter the one game on many different machines. Or you can enter many games or content on one 8-BIT machine or many 8-BIT machines, it is up to you.

Yes you may use coding tools, different coding / development languages etc.

Yes you can develop any game type or game genre but here’s a challenge for Amstrad CPC developers have a go at creating sports or racing games rather than the usual shoot em up or platformer.

There are three categories to enter. 1) Basic 2) Advanced 3) Anything Goes.

** Basic category is any game developed in Basic.

** Advanced category is any game developed with assembly / machine code or other.

** Anything Goes category is anything other than a game that showcases your and you're machines 8-BIT capabilities. This can be of anything produced on an 8-BIT machine such as music, loading screens, sprites, general / random works of art and scene demos of any kind.

If you wish to upload images / tunes of your work in progress then please use the 8-BIT ANNUAL FB group link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/178301789432318/ or you can post to twitter @CPCGAMINGDEMOS and use #8BITANNUALDEV

Start date is 1st May 2018 - all entries can be made after this date up until the end of the competition which is 31st October 2018.

All entries to be sent via email to eight-bitdev@hotmail.com

Please ensure your entry has the following:

Your name.
Where you are from / which country you reside.
The name of your game(s).
What category you are entering your game for - Basic / Advanced / Anything Goes ?
What system(s) it runs on ie Amstrad CPC 6128, C64, MSX2, ZX Spectrum, BBC etc.
How to load up your game(s) and what emulator(s) to use?
Instructions on how to play your game(s) and which keys or joystick control to use if required.
Details about your game(s) such as: how much kb is it ? How long did it take to develop? What is the game plot. What inspired you to create this game ? Challenges you faced to develop your game entry ? Any other things about your game that are interesting like what you did to make the game, tools used if any, etc etc

All entries (if possible) will be featured in 8-BIT ANNUAL 2019.

Category winners will receive:

- A winners certificate.
- A FREE 8-BIT ANNUAL 2019 hardback.
- An interview in 8-BIT ANNUAL 2019.
- An article / feature about them and their game(s) in online retro website Retro Gaming Mag http://retrogamingmagazine.com/
- A FREE A1 poster of their game with the image put together by the famed artist Lobo - who did the 8-BIT ANNUAL 2018 cover, the 8-BIT DEV image and has worked on many retro projects including the box artwork and manual of Galencia for the C64.

*** All your intellectual property (IP) will be yours, however all entries received will go on to a USB stick and the posters for the winners will be made as an offer to backers for the 8-BIT ANNUAL 2019 kickstarter campaign.

Good luck to everyone / anyone who enters the contest :D :) ;)

By santiontanon

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29-04-2018, 23:46

Always nice to see more competitions! Best of luck!!! Smile

By ghost_jp

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30-04-2018, 13:10

I translated the introduction of the contest for Japanese people. Refer to the following URL.


And I intend to provide a little support to Japanese 8-bit fans who hope to join in the contest but are not good at English. Wish the contest large success.


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02-05-2018, 04:59

Update i have added a new rule to #8BITANNUALDEV

New rule added to the #8BITANNUALDEV - Yes you can enter any games you may have already created before May 1st 2018 as your entry into the 8-BIT DEV contest. Afterall this is a NO RESTRICTIONS competition and it is all about giving 8-BIT developers exposure and a chance to showcase their 8-BIT creations. If you started a project years ago this may inspire you to complete it for all the 8-BIT community to have a chance to play and get to know more about your coding. Smile


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08-05-2018, 16:03


#8BITANNUALDEV The Closing date for the 8-Bit Annual Development competition has been extended, the new closing date will now be Friday 30th November 2018. The closing date has changed to allow people to enter #cpcretrodev as well as the 8-BIT ANNUAL DEV.

So now everyone has even more time to get cracking on their entries Smile


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