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By ro

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18-12-2003, 11:05

Thanx anyway Pit. We (non-spanish folks) DO support MSX and DO support every effort, including yours. I'm sorry to hear you've got some (serious) health problems these days and wish you all the best.

however, once again, lack of communication is the key factor in this case.
No fault, none to blam, it doesn't mean I don't desire to point the finger. To bring the pieces back together, we've gotta rediscover communication.
even one simple e-mail would have done the trick, pit.

If I may speak for all of us, get well and surprise us with them new games!

cheers, ro

By cax

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18-12-2003, 13:07

I have some "unfinished" MSX1 game I wrote, that was never published or shown anywhere - it has some title screens that work only on MSX2 (I can throw them away) and it won't work on 16K RAM, but it successfully will on MSX1 with 32K or more. It's possible also to make it work in 16K RAM only, as MSXdev'03 requires, but this will take too much work.

I thought about participating MSXdev'03 (of which I learned in September or October), but after I realized how much work it will take to modify the game for 16K machine (and I believe that this kind of MSX1 is not so widespread), I decided to procede with other projects I have, and if I will have spare time - convert the game.

In the end, I had no time to finish it in time.
Now, after seeing pitpan's site down for a long time, after I heard that deadline will not be extended and there will be no real competition at all, the chances I will finish and publish the game are very low.

As I see it, the contest resulted in a number of unfinished projects that were not submitted.
Of course, wannabee-contestants learned a lot while developing their games, this is a good thing, but we need also more working games, right ?

By pitpan

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18-12-2003, 19:28

Now I can tell when will be the games ready to download: Saturnday afternoon. There will be only 2 finished games: PENGUIN RACE and GURU LOGIC, and a beta version of TEKI PAKI. I hope that Ricardo will contact me before that date to publish also TETRINET.

Kind regards,

Ed Robsy

P.S: I agree that the main problem is communication. Even in the Internet era, maximum connectivity often doesn't produce an efficient communication. But I will learn from my mistakes in order of organizing the next contest.

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