Announcement : My Homebrew game For MSX Turbo-R is Available : TREASURE OF BABYLON

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By ericb59

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29-04-2013, 20:06

Hi all MSX lovers

For one year now i worked on a game for Turbo-R
It's a strategy game, and I hope you will love it.

Please check the video trailer :

And visit the site at :
You can download a .dsk file

Please for a great game experience, play on a real turbo-r if you can... :)

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By Randam

Paragon (1431)

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29-04-2013, 20:27

WOOOOOW!! This game looks and sounds sweet!!! Very well done!!!! Great game!

By DelToro

Expert (127)

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29-04-2013, 21:26

Great game!!!!...Congratulations!!!!

By ericb59

Paragon (1102)

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29-04-2013, 21:31

thank you Big smile

By Manuel

Ascended (19469)

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29-04-2013, 21:34

Wow, especially great graphics! Nice game, great job!


Enlighted (6935)

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29-04-2013, 23:41

Nice !

By mtn

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30-04-2013, 01:40

Smile good stuff.

By sd_snatcher

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30-04-2013, 02:41

Nice work, it's a beautiful screen-10 game! A rare gem!

Some nice surprises:

- It supports moonblaster stereo mode! Just insert your MSX-Audio cartridge for a richer 18 channels stereo FM music.
- It works on Panasonic MSX2+ machines if you hold CTRL on boot and enable the 5.37MHz turbo. But it will run a bit slow though (the machine needs to have 128KB or more internal RAM)
- It supports the OPL3 cartridge! It will probably also work on a Moonsound if it's set to the address C0h.

With a bit more effort, it would probably work very well on any turbo 7.14MHz MSX2+. Currently it doesn't run on the CIEL ExpertTurbo because the game seems to rely on the MSX Turbo-R slot layout.

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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30-04-2013, 13:36

Great news!
Thank you ericb59.
It´s your first game?
In A1St when i press F1 during the game appear a error. Undefinded line number in 2000.
If i press F1 in the title screen appear the password menu and number 1 in the left corner on this screen.
Works with Music Module?

By ericb59

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30-04-2013, 13:36

Yes this is my first game since 30 years !!!
F1 was supposed to be a pause KEY, but was no longer usefull, and I forgot to check it !

Other keys to use are
F2 to switch music on/off
F3 to quit game and return to title screen.

@sd_snatcher : with some optimization this game can run on 128 ko MSX2 with less graphics color and no FM Music.
I will try to optimize it for Turbo MSX2+ but it will always need 128ko of memory.

By pitpan

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30-04-2013, 22:27

Can you try to compile it? If so, maybe it can work as a charm at full speed in even a regular MSX2 computer.

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