Assembler/Disassembler RSC - First Version

By manolito74

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28-09-2020, 21:10


I'm looking for the first version of the RSC. RSC was a Assembler/Dissasembler produced by a spanish MSX Magazine, called "MSX-CLUB" by Manhattan-Transfer.

I'm only interested in obtain the Original Manual scanned in order to preserve it. ;-)

I'm interested only in the first versión, the RSC 1.0.

If anyone has it, please you can send it to my GMAIL account: JOSEMANUEL74

Thank you very much indeed. ;-)

Gracias & Saludetes. ;-)

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By Manuel

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28-09-2020, 21:23

Desensamblador RSC por Ramon Sala

I only have a CAS file of it... alas. Good luck!

By manolito74

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28-09-2020, 21:27

Hi Manuel,

Thanks for your reply. ;-)

I have also de the CAS file and the DS of all versións (RSC, RSC 2.0 and RSC ii). I have the Manuals of the RSC 2.0 and RSC II and I'm still looking for the Manual od the fist version of RSC. ;-)

Thanks a lot. ;-)