The Big 'MSX users, how does your computerroom look'-thread

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04-04-2005, 21:31

Ro, you are not being polite Smile As I said, that first room is not mine (but I got a permission to publish this picture) My computer room might be a bit obfuscated but it's not (that) dirty. I agree you with the curtain stuff, but those were good enough to keep sun away. Smile They are gone nowadays...

I Just wanted to add another kind of pictures. Pictures seen here seem to me even a bit unrealistic... It seems to me, that those computers are not even used as there is no evidence of real life involved. Smile

*NYYRIKKI crouches to corner and gets ready to slap with tha all-mighty fish!*

By Meits

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04-04-2005, 21:42

what's a computer without a keyboard? hehe.
meits: I see you're serving the Waldrock forum, I'll check ya there!

Seen you around there mr. Noordkabaal, and I already gave some MSX-ing hints there Smile

By djh1697

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04-04-2005, 22:15

is that a fridge in your computer room? wise choice - handy for a beer when you dont rescue the princess!

By wolf_

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04-04-2005, 22:22

I think someone brainf*cked your room Smile

By [D-Tail]

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04-04-2005, 22:36

Nyyrikki: Those photographs seem very Nokia-ish... Tell me, how did you manage to produce a 640x480 image out of your 6260 Smile (at least I recall you saying you had a 6260 Smile)

Nice room btw, mine looks like it too, sometimes Tongue

By Grauw

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04-04-2005, 22:37

Hahaha, obfuscated, I’m going to use that word from now on! Very appliccable.

Ah well then. My desk, in its current state:

Unaltered, unmodified, uncleaned and obfuscated!

By msd

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04-04-2005, 22:46

hmm, why are almost all the msx's turned of in the pictures and the pc's on :|

By Grauw

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04-04-2005, 22:49

Also note the stuff in front of my MSX and the clear space in front of my PC Smile. The whole mess has kind of a ‘lean’ towards my MSX ;p. Actually, recently there was quite a pile of stuff on top of my MSX as well -_-;;. Of course not for long!

By Jorito

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04-04-2005, 22:50

msd: Because we can't view MRC on an MSX so we need to have the PC handy to make those photos and place them here Wink

By Grauw

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04-04-2005, 22:52

Now if they had been using nice CSS + semantic HTML... Wink Hey, for sure it would be easier to render!

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