The Big 'MSX users, what is your favourite food'-thread

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By meits

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19-01-2005, 23:43

Stamppot boerenkool met worst
frikandel speciaal/bamischijf pinda
schieneesch (bami+pangpang)
nazi goreng+pinda+komkommerschijven
salade a'la Mem Jelsma

By Low_Profile

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19-01-2005, 23:50

A big juicy steak BLOODY AS HELL ^_^

with peppersaus or mushroomcreamsaus

By diabolus

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17-05-2005, 22:00

Anything that my wife cooks. She's even better than my grandmother...=)

By dhau

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17-05-2005, 22:09

I like pears

By andete

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18-05-2005, 08:25

Italian or Belgian food.
Definitely NOT Dutch food Smile

By Oscar

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30-05-2005, 18:54

Italian, Mexican, Japanese, Thai... and of course, spanish food like "Patatas bravas", "pinchos morunos", "bocadillo de chorizo", "lentejas", "butifarra con habas" hehehe Big smile

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