The Big 'MSX users, what is your favourite MSX'-thread

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By Poltergeist

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19-01-2005, 20:19

The Sony HB-900AP. But the keyboard sucks (at least, now it does, when it worked it was a great keyboard)

By Vincent van Dam

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19-01-2005, 21:06

I like the 700P the most as a gaming console (everything at the front), but my favourite MSX probably is my 8245 which I abused heavily in the early 90s.

By snout

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19-01-2005, 21:10

the 8245 is a very neat MSX indeed. Everything about it is right.

By dhau

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19-01-2005, 21:25

Panasonic A1WSX with 512KB RAM

By W76NearDark

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19-01-2005, 22:22

My pimpin' TurboR ST ofcourse! It's design with the gold details is also classier than the GT's. And more pimpin' ofcourse Tongue

By HansO

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19-01-2005, 22:34

NMS8280 with 7 MHz, the MSX2+ update by Digital KC, S-Video mod and 512K memory. Combined with Digital KC 4-slot expander with plugged in FM-PAC and/or Music Module, MSX-DOS 2 + SCSI interface and later IDE and the Sony HBI-V1.

By meits

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19-01-2005, 23:39

My former 8250 in pc-case.
Stupid thing to die on me and stupid me to sell it instead of fixing it
- 7MHz (with LED display showing the actual speed)
- Dos2.something
- 512K
- 192K
- Novaxis SCSI 20+40MB
- Moonsound (256K) (built in/output on the back)
- FM-Pac (7MHz) (built in/output on the back)
- SCC (built in)
- Musicmodule (256K/7MHz) (built in/output on the back)
- Gouda Slotecpander on the bottom of the case containing the musicchips)
- A big Tweety painted on one of the sides


Ah well... Got a standard 8250 now, which is gonna rule in a while with just a Moonsound in one slot...

By AuroraMSX

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20-01-2005, 09:11

My dream machine would be a pimped CX5MII with 128K VRAM, 1MB RAM and V9958. I have the parts, but the idea of having to wiggle a soldering iron within the Yamaha rags my nerves Wink

By poke-1,170

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20-01-2005, 13:12

never quite understood the adjustable keyboard on the 8245...seems a bit pointless,changing an angle of 2 degrees Wink

By Vincent van Dam

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20-01-2005, 13:14

You mean on the 8235, the 8245 keyboard was fixed.

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