The Big 'MSX users, where do you live'-thread

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By QBee Sam

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02-05-2017, 19:47

Parets (Barcelona), Spain.

By Meits

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03-05-2017, 00:00

Burgum Nederland...
The place where BCC came from (anyone in Holland who had cracked ROM games might have seen cracked by BCC in the loader. BCC was Burgumer Computer Club... No one knows who they were).
Also one of the core members of Genic was located in Burgum, in fact that was in the same street where I live now. Seen a lot of imported Japanese stuff before it was distributed in Europe.
There was also some hardware guy in town who made some cartridge with a lot of functions... Don't know the guy and never seen the cartridge.
Now I'm the last MSX guy in town... Quite sad cuz in the 80s there was a lot of activity here. But then again, if they left MSX in the late 80s it was never a hobby of theirs...

By Manuel

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03-05-2017, 10:05

How can it be that no one knows who the guys behind BCC were?? (And I also saw many cracks of them all the way in the South-West!) I also got some cracks from "TBC" (The Beastie Crackers).... do we know who these guys were? They seem to be coming from Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, I've seen references to "WILLY" and some "ERIK" from Oostburg. Updated this Wiki page with that:

Also got a crack from "GALAXY SOFT" (PETER EN JO) from Breskens.... ever heard of them??

By yodh

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03-05-2017, 23:11

In the beginning my nickname was Yodhefim but in the end I reduced it to 'Yodh'. I am from Sabadell (Barcelona) Spain.

By JohnHassink

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03-05-2017, 23:17

Do you guys from Barcelona know that Wolf Team was apparently so fascinated by it, that one of their games appears to be set there?

Generation-MSX link:


By mtn

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18-05-2017, 17:58

Not sure if I posted in this thread already, but hell, who cares anyways?

I was born and raised in Sweden, but I moved to Oslo, Norway in 2002. And been living here since.

Wouldnt mind meeting some MSX-interested people from in/around Oslo (I cant be the only one??) over a cup of coffe or a beer and perhaps some pinball!

By friguron

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18-05-2017, 19:39


By wernerkai

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19-05-2017, 02:11

Bauru/SP, Brazil. But I also lived with MSX in São Paulo/SP, Campinas/SP and Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo/SP.

By Matthew Splett

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19-05-2017, 23:24

Beaverton, Oregon, USA


By iamweasel2

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19-05-2017, 05:43

Brazil, the country that makes House Of Cards look like an innocent fairy tale.

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