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By zaid1990

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16-11-2003, 19:03

hi i have a few qustens the might be stupid but help me on them .#1 is there new msx stuff since the canceld it like better grphics or new games.#2 can u sell msx stuff like game with emulator and they cant sew us no mater what.#3 is there ganna be new game/msx systems upg for grphics

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By anonymous

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16-11-2003, 21:06

#1 There have been hundreds of quality software products since the MSX was 'cancelled'. Some of these are free for download right here on MRC. As far as better graphics, there is Gfx9000 (manufactured and sold by Sunrise) and some recent, more obscure developments. A few dozen hardware extensions have been made too. (Slot expanders, SCSI interfaces, IDE interfaces, new RS232 interfaces, etc)

#2 You can sell MSX products you made yourself. You cannot sell copyrighted/pirated software. You cannot sell emulators unless you made an agreement with the emulator author. Even then, you cannot sell it with the MSX system ROMs, because they are copyrighted. However, there is a free MSX BIOS in development, called C-BIOS.

#3 A new graphics chip which you can plug in existing systems is being developed by a Brazilian team. But as it stands now, it doesn't offer much extra over a Gfx9000, which is far more advanced. New games are under development continuously, and are reported about by MRC. Some are free, some are commercial.