.CAS to .ROM or .WAV to ROM needed

By MäSäXi

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28-12-2010, 18:00

Are such tools existing at all?

I need to make .ROM files from dumped cassette games.

I wanna hear my old cassette games in SCC and Playsoniq needs .ROM if one wanna hear SCC. And existing .ROMs have just few european tape games which were published in Japan as cartridges.

That´s the problem.

I know that there is some tool which converts .DSK to .ROM, but that also means that if I convert 720Kb .DSK image, resulting .ROM is about as large file too. Do I really have to make 160Kb .DSK image using Disk Manager and put just one tape game there and hope there´s still enough memory on my 256Kb MSX2? Aren´t there any other solutions to my problem?

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By OeiOeiVogeltje

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28-12-2010, 19:52

good luck finding that

i been searching too
and asking too

but nobody seems to know

By enribar

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29-12-2010, 09:13

hehe, this is a weird trick:

- dump to CAS;
- make a DSK with this CAS and LOADCAS;
- write the AUTOEXEC.BAT that launches this CAS;
- convert DSK to ROM.

Big smile hope that it works... Question (surely it doesn't work, at least not in all cases)