Computer games as roots of evil

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By Sama

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20-04-2004, 02:12

In this forum topic, a discussion was started about the implication that social mischief is often said to be caused by the appearance of violence in computer games. I quote:

It was due to german law. All humans have been replaced by robots.
How lame is that? And sometimes I feel that shit is only gonna get worse... Doesn't anyone read sci-fi to realize where we're going?!?!? We should al demonstrate and burn our presidents before we're born with censorship cirquits built in to our vocal chords...


The videogame is the cause of all social mischief nowadays. Parents don't need to take care of the upbringing of their children, as long as they don't play videogames. Argh!

How do you feel? Is there any truth in this assertion? Has society in general become more violent? And has the fact that many children play videogames anything to do with that?

I personally believe the main responsibility has to be put by the parents and their ways of upbringing, rather that just saying 'you know that guy who recently shot three of his classmates? He was probably inspired by his video games'.

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By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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20-04-2004, 04:24

if you can act out your agression in a game, it's much better than acting it out on real people...

By 4fridges

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20-04-2004, 23:59


Hahahaha, I love those fuckers who think video games make kids torture their grandparents and fucking their dog in the ass.

All kids play violent games, with or without computers. I bet all you guys played "soldaatje" (soldier) when you were kids.

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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21-04-2004, 00:03

Hahahaha, I love those fuckers who think video games make kids torture their grandparents and fucking their dog in the ass.
O.o What kind of games have you been playing man?! Tongue

By Konamito

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21-04-2004, 00:20

Hahahaha, I love those fuckers who think video games make kids torture their grandparents and fucking their dog in the ass.

Man, this guy is mentally ill!!!
Kids are not violent, we, the adults, teach them how to be violent. Does a little kid playing MAX PAYNE or VICE CITY make sense? Of course not. I wouldn´t let kid play violence games.
4frighes, please go to the doctor... Wink
Just kidding man.

By wolf_

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21-04-2004, 10:54

If kids repeat irl what they see in games/movies, then something is wrong with them which has nothing to do with games. It's just that the game-industry(with some annual 5 billiion $ going around, more than the movie-industry) is such an easy victim to ask for damage-money, since parents don't (want to) see themself is as origin of the problem.

By snout

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21-04-2004, 10:58

I totally agree with wolf. If someone can't see the difference between a game, movie or a story in (e.g.) a book then there's something wrong with that person the author(s) of the game, movie or story can do little about. As GuyveR said: for many people games and other ways of using your imagination are really useful means for venting your frustrations.


Hero (557)

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21-04-2004, 21:13

Personaly I think the enviroment (at home, school, friends) have a bigger role then any other multimedia devices I can think of (think of the incident that took place on the A67 in Holland recently)

I also think that playing aggresive games can be used to ventilate the aggresions inside a human being (so called aggession therapy).

I don't believe a person will take a real car and drive over all pedestrians after playing carmageddon Wink

By 4fridges

Expert (114)

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25-04-2004, 13:15

Totally agree with IC!

About my previous post, it was just an over the top example! But hey, maybe i'm pretty sick-minded.....

By Sama

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02-05-2004, 03:46

The sad thing is, that computer games are easy to blame when something goes wrong. People always look for a culprit when something goes wrong and since parents are actually able to defend themselves, the video game is an easy target...

By Haohmaru

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03-05-2004, 20:19

People have blamed anything for their behaviour/behaiviour of others:

TV/film, books, magazines, (video) games, music...

You'd expect from parents they EDUCATE their children instead of blaming entertainment for their kids' erratic behaviour Wink

BTW: Blaming 'Faces Of Death' for violence is the best bullshit I ever heard, just look at it: anyone who knows a bit about fx, camerawork and editing sees through all that nonsense instantly. It also helps that the presenter has an obvious silly name Wink

So: you can blame Child's Play/Slayer/Carmageddon/BodyHammeR (while you're at it!) all you want, unless you start paying attention towards your kids, they will keep running around making a mess of this world.

-People who play the 'blamegame' should be banned from having children-

Personally I don't understand all the commotion about entertainment (like videogames) causing violence. If someone chops off someone elses' head after playing Snatcher/listening to Slayer or shoots someone after reading one of my Realtime Articles, you'd better ask yourself where that person got the weapon and more important: IS THAT PERSON STABLE? Why wasn't that person given any psychological help?

The way it stands today (so it seems): I kill a shitload of people (just because I'm a deranged madman) and when I go on trail, my parents/caretakers/teachers/fellow-students/G.W.Bush/whoever can say: 'AHA! He was playing Dead Of The Brain before he grabbed that 2x4 and started bashing people's heads in!'

Instead of being sane about it and coming to the conclusion I had major problems BEFORE I even got into contact with 'violent media'.

I rest my case (for the moment) and my fingers from typing this...


'We gave those Afghans a shitload of cash, tons of weapons and training so we'd look good 'fighting communism' and now they're shooting at US?!' - U.S.A.

...please don't take EVERYTHING I posted here too seriously, if you want to stay out of trouble Wink

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