Computer games as roots of evil

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By DarQ

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14-05-2004, 18:14

This feature was implemented in MGS 1 (the snow stage). My question though: why a blood trail?! Is that somewhat you call fun? I don't get it?

according to my personal taste:
blood makes it more real. more reality, the more fun. i always (in the rare occasion that i play such kind of game (or games at all)) set the gore level to the maximum. the more shocking it is, the more i like it.

its like seeing nick berg being decapitated. because its shocking, i like seeing it. not that i like the fact that he was killed this way and for such a reason.

By anonymous

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14-05-2004, 18:29

That's just sick...

By DarQ

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14-05-2004, 18:57

That's just sick...

thank you for this pleasant confirmation
oh and why didnt you just say: "you're sick..." ??

By Haohmaru

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15-05-2004, 01:00

I'd rather have blood & guts flying across the screen than seeing cars crash, buildings (even entire planets!) blow up without even a hint of a casualty. Dishing out the full gore is one way of making people realize that violenve has a (rather nasty) consequence.

I do not object to graphic violence compared to 'look that jeep just crashed into a pile of oildrums and everyone's allright!'-violence.

It's about ratings.

TV show about rogue ex-military hardmen who shoot/blow up/fight their way out of every confrontation - NO BLOOD => Kids can watch - don't learn violence has consequences.

Movie about guy who is forced to hack'n'slash his way through a couple of baddies - BLOOD RUNNING DOWN THE SCREEN => R of even X rating - only die-hard genre fans will watch who - the vast majority at least - already know that violence has consequences.

'Evil Dead / Faces Of Death / Die Hard / (okay, you winSmile SLAYER -> Ban This Sick Filth'-media frenzy anyone?

Go ahead. This has been going around in circles since whenever.

Just wait a few more months/years/? and it will start all over again with the latest book/game/film/music/comic.

...gotta listen to Slayer (I see a pattern forming here) and watch Evil Dead 2... AGAIN!


By Sama

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15-05-2004, 14:54

its like seeing nick berg being decapitated. because its shocking, i like seeing it. not that i like the fact that he was killed this way and for such a reason.

You're right. At the moment, this film is the most downloaded film on internet. That's not because people don't know what to expect, but it is because they do know what to expect. Seeing abnormal or shocking things renders certain hormones in your body that cause a feeling that is opposite from apathy. That's why people want to watch. It's something that has happened for real which you usually can't see in real life.

So I don't think it's sick at all, it's natural. This has been proven by the fact that the film has been downloaded for so many times.

By DarQ

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15-05-2004, 15:14

thnx guys, apparantly is isnt that sick as patriek thinks Big smile of course, i already knew that Smile

By dhau

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15-05-2004, 20:36

I didn't downloaded Berg's flick, and I tried to avoid seeing photos from Iraqi prison. This is something that I can't stand. It makes me feel sick.

I need to know that what I see is fake, or else I'll get really sick in my stomach.

This is why I never seen faces of death or any shockers or snuffs at all.

At the same time I enjoy dark humor in movies like Hellraiser II, Evil Dead 2 / Army of Darkness and games like Suffering, Resident Evil, Alone in the Dark and Silent Hill


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15-05-2004, 22:31

Ok.. my last point about the whole MGS bloodtrails: to me Metal Gear is all about tactics, and not about blood. They added blood in MGS2 but did not exaggerate it imho. I can only cheer about this, because it isn't about the blood stanes! It IS about tactics.

If you do not like Strategy games withouth the big blood stanes, then I can only recommend a game like House of the Dead (for example), install Unreal Tournament with a blood patch or see a horror game/ movie or something.

Leave MGS alone Tongue

By [D-Tail]

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16-05-2004, 03:22

Cradle of Fear Smile Big smile LOL!

Leave MGS alone Tongue
Yeah... There's nothing about it, MGS rules!

By snout

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03-08-2004, 15:03 another game is removed from the shops after an incident of violence. This time a 17 year old kid killed a 14 year old kid. The computer game Manhunt gets the blame. Again, I'm thinking, I played some of the most cruel games known to man and never even thought of killing someone. If a kid can't see the difference between games, fantasy and reality there's something wrong with the way the kid was raised, or the mental state of that kid in the first place if you ask me....

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