Differences btw. OPF/OPFX/OPFXSD on MegaFlashROM SCC+ SD ?

By mk6262

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18-06-2017, 12:17

Hi, all.

I have one question.

Recently, I'd found out my MegaFlashROM SCC+ SD has the files such as opf, opfx and opfxsd in the drive "A". When I make my own MegaFlashRom cartridge, I used opf. However, when I visited to the original shop, opf and opfx are already obsolete and they recommend to use the opfxsd.

What's the differences between those files? Any information of those files?

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By hamlet

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18-06-2017, 15:30

Simple as that:
You got a MFRwith additional memory mapper and SD slot? Use the OPFXSD app to flash your card.
The OPF is a early version, made for MFR w/out this features. And, you guessed right, OPFX uses cartridges with SCC build in. Why the still remaining on your cart? I´m happy about, so I can use it for all my flashcards, if they bother you, than delete, kill, erase or wipe them out.

By Manuel

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18-06-2017, 18:16

Original MegaFlashROM SCC with 512kB flash: OPF
Improved MegaFlashROM SCC+ (has 1MB flash): OPFX
Extended MegaFLashROM SCC+ SD (8MB flash, 1 or 2 SD cart slots, optional 512kB RAM): OPFXSD

Only the latter is still being sold, that's why the other ones are marked as obsolete, I guess.

By mk6262

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05-07-2017, 05:43

Thank u for your information. It helps me with using the software. Smile

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