Does anyone know what happened to the MSX SITE - WWW.MSX4EVER.NL ?

By MSX4ever

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30-12-2018, 14:09


I visited the MSX site MSX4EVER.NL some time ago.
It has been offline for several months.
Does anyone know what the reason is?

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By Manuel

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30-12-2018, 17:59

Who owns that site?

By mars2000you

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30-12-2018, 18:08

Answer in the Wayback Machine:

It seems to be a member of MSX Vriendenclub Marënberg.

By Meits

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30-12-2018, 18:25

There you have it. 4ever is relative Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By Samor

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31-12-2018, 08:05

It was meant as "MSX4.... ever?" BA-team