english magazines and/or fanzines

By kirk

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10-04-2003, 13:15

Hi all,
can you give me some link to some english magazines and/or fanzines about msx?
And what about french or italian magazines/fanzines?
Thank you very much
Bye! Smile

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By dhau

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21-05-2003, 19:34

Which leads to a good question: how about making a brand new next gen e-mag? Who's in? I can code the engine, work as an editor and author of some articles. What I need is some nice PSG/SCC/OPLL/OPL1/OPL4 songs, neat graphics and ARTICLES!!! Smile

By chaos

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21-05-2003, 21:45

I really like the idea of a new diskmagazine/e-mag. (I've always liked diskmags)
Though I'm afraid it just won't work out these days anymore

The engine and even musics+gfx can be taken care of quite easily, but
articles will always be a problem. I'm sure that's the reason why almost all of past (disk)magazines failed. Besides this all the news is already available on the internet.

By wolf_

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21-05-2003, 21:47

Think twice!

Articles, the LACK of articles, was sort-of the main reason why other magazines stopped..

If there's nothing to write, then you soon migrate to PC articles, or re-re-re-reviews of stone-age games again over again.. or, perhaps you'll be starting another basic course again, explaining the remaining hi-profile demoscene ppl all about the PRINT command.
You can see how frequent new things show up at the frontpage here at MRC (I think it's kinda frequent btwSmile ), but that doesn't guarantee that you have, say, even 100kb of text every .. month? two months? half-year?

Music.. I didn't follow the musicscene the last years, but even for OPL4 I don't have the idea that the msx-planet is flooded with new tunes. Let alone fmpac/musmod! I think it's quite safe to predict that msx composers start creating covers of msx tunes on PC/synths, rather than making new tunes on msx!
Gfx, well, that would be the smallest bottleneck of all elements.. since you can easily convert PC images, probably looking better than handpixeled images in Age or something..

But most of all, the idea is always better than the actual work itself! How many games did you initialise in the past? And how many did you actually start working on, or even finish? How many concepts for musicdisks or other things did you initialise and never released?

The best advice *I* can give is to submit any articles to the MRC here.., the advantages are clear! No old news as your magazine is released with 2 month intervals, no stressy deadlines (and that's a very good point!), no frustrations, no troubles in finding music/gfx that no-one makes etc.

However, don't let me stop you if you really want to fly! Smile

By wolf_

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21-05-2003, 22:10

lol only 2 minutes too late Smile

By Bart

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21-05-2003, 23:07

MRC is your diskmag Tongue It even runs on MSX, just grab yourself a copy of uzix and fudebrowser Wink

By snout

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25-05-2003, 18:46

And if you have spare time left, why not consider joining our team? We could still use some PHP coders, people who want to write (or maintain) articles, translators,...