Fully functional MSX on Raspberry Pi 2?

By AxelStone

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13-01-2016, 12:59

Someone has configured a fully funcional MSX on a Raspberry Pi 2? I've tried several ways but don't get good results.
- If I use Retropie it goes smooth but it's not configurable by anyway (MSX model, keyboard, multidisk games,...)
- If I use Raspbian + OpenMSX it works really slow (it seems that SDL implementation of RPi is not good)

I'm lookin the best way to get a fully functional MSX on Raspberry Pi 2, this is, suport for cartridges and multidisk games, configurable machine (MSX, MSX2, MSX2+, MSXtr), configurable video options (scanlines, full screen, etc), keyboard support... Just what OpenMSX / BlueMSX does in PC but with RPi2 and full speed.


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By Panzer

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13-01-2016, 16:17

Is it possible to test the Raspberry Pi 2 with Windows 10 IoT and blueMSX?
You can download it from http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=619755
Thank you.

By Creepy

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13-01-2016, 20:01

One of the MSX emu's used by RetroPi is OpenMSX so I guess it should be possible to configure it so it can run disk games and map buttons to MSX keyboard keys etc but I haven't had the time to see if and how that's possible. But running MSX roms with Retro Pi is very easy.

By luppie

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13-01-2016, 22:18

This is how I have OpenMSX running on retropi incl. Disk Support and Keyboard mapping:


By Buleste

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14-01-2016, 12:56

I use RetroPi on my Pi Zero. It's not too bad at being configurable.

By AxelStone

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14-01-2016, 13:12

luppie wrote:

This is how I have OpenMSX running on retropi incl. Disk Support and Keyboard mapping:


It seems too manual, is there any proccess more simple? :(

@Buleste The problem of RetroPie is that don't support several features as described before. I suposse that configuring it manually as @luppie described it should work, but I see it too laborious.

By Manuel

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14-01-2016, 21:47

If you just do what's written there, it works... isn't that simple? Tongue