Good evening, I am very new to the MSX scene and it's pleasure to meet all of you

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By sd_snatcher

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16-04-2018, 20:14

Just saying: Nowadays there are more software that supports the Turbo-R than the MSX2+. Smile

By blues3rd

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03-05-2018, 16:39

So I spotted a few Sony HB F1s is it recommended to upgrade any internally chips or just go for the msx2+

By Grauw

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03-05-2018, 17:06

If you don't have or know someone with the electronics knowledge to do that mod I would say it is recommended to go for MSX2+ if that is the platform you want to play games for. Note that there are a few, but not many MSX2+ exclusive games (I say this even though I am working on a 2+ game Smile). So snagging up a Sony HB-F1 is not a bad idea, an MSX2 will suffice for the vast majority of games.

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