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By rjp

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12-02-2018, 22:31

I switched GR8Net and SD/Mapper, so the first was in slot 1 and the second, in slot 2. And SD/Mapper was drive A and B, and FM works. Hoorah! Big smile

Now I need to know how can I use Nestor Soriano's network utilities in GR8Net. Thanks for all help!

By Eugeny_Brychkov

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12-02-2018, 22:54

rjp wrote:

Is there any new updates?

Look here, usually build datecode is the same as file time stamp. If there's critical update I usually announce it through my Facebook account and in groups.

rjp wrote:

The CALL NETSETMAP is a little tricky command to master.

You just need to understand the logic. Lower nibble is mapper number (0-14), higher nibble is special reg set appearance (in standard GR8NET configurations = 16, in no-networking mode 0). Second argument is actually not needed in usual setup (GR8NET automatically detects conflicting mapper in the system and turns on/off its own port register reading appropriately). Third argument is also needed only for advanced configurations (e.g. running MG2 with GR8NET mapped RAM disable, that's why its file name contains {311} - mapper 3, expanded mode, no mapped RAM).

By Wolverine_nl

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12-02-2018, 23:46

Later this week i will release GR8cfg, a basic tool to use most common settings of the GR8NET, without needing too much knowledge if you want to keep things simple. Smile it is non-linear and gives an average user, who doesnt want to go through a manual, the chance to use this great cartridge in a flexible way.

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