Help with MSX2 set-up?

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By cathedral_junky

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10-05-2019, 01:55

Thank you so much for your responses everyone this info was insanely helpful I really appreciate it ! I'm gonna look around and see if I can find an original ac adapter these next two weeks if one comes up (and finally have an excuse to figure out how to use yahoo auctions) and if not a friend of mine said he could probably help build one thankfully.

By sdsnatcher73

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10-05-2019, 05:19

rderooy wrote:

Basically if you where to build this yourself you need the following
- 3-pin Connector
- Power supply that outputs 9-volt AC at 1.2Amps (Amps may be higher, but should not be lower)
- Power supply that outputs 18-volt DC at 170milliAmps (= 0.170Amps), again higher is fine

I think you mixed up AC and DC here. The 9V should be DC and the 18V should be AC.

Also there is a design for a replacement PSU here on mrc. Please note that this design takes 240V AC as input but it can surely be adapted to work on 120V AC.

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