Hi all from Barcelona, with my old philips 8020

By Ogutierr

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12-03-2023, 17:33

Nice to be here. I hope I an learn a lot from you (lear, and re-learn after 35 years)
I still using my old msx, cpc and an amiga 500 (it was bought recently... I didn't own it when I was a kid)
I hav a lot of answers, one of then referred to SCC music and SDMMR cartridge able to execute roms.
I will put my question in the right section in a few minuts.

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By retro69

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14-03-2023, 19:43

Hola Ogutierr,
Welcome to the MRC.
I am sure that you will find lots of friendly people answering your questions here.

By Giangiacomo Zaffini 2

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19-03-2023, 14:56

Hi Ogutierr!
Welcome and have fun! LOL!