How about publishing the soundtracks of some games?

By selios2000

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21-06-2016, 23:03

Hello all. I think it is quite sad that commercial games become inevitably discontinued after some time of its creation. So much effort, excitement and time focused on them... and its brief live goes by as long as their owners want to sell or support them. Pumpkin Adventure 3 was a masterpiece, and I'm sure that a lot of people would want to play it nowadays. But, this thread is not about re-editing games, but publishing or selling their marvellous soundtracks. One game can be played forever, but its musics... What if you want to listen to that cheerful tune, or that misterious one? Are you going to play again the game and achieve that certain moment that corresponds to your beloved tune? Of course not. And I loved the PA3 moonsound music. Is there any interest to bring some game's soundtracks to life again, separated from their games, gaining finally the relevance that they surely have?

PD: I meant that the OWNERS of the games/musics would want to do it, of course... not just anybody.

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