How do I open .ROM and .DSK games using MSX DOS 1?

By bestiarum

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06-08-2019, 04:14

How do I open .ROM and .DSK games using MSX DOS 1? What is the command that I should use?

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By Wild_Penguin

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06-08-2019, 10:34

What HW are you using? This won't be possible on any MSX, changes are if you are running MSX-DOS1 your computer does not have enough RAM and/or a suitable flash ROM to load them in any case.

I'm not sure if sofaROM and SofaRunIt work on MSXDOS1, but they don't stay they would require MSX-DOS2, either (SofaRun does require it, but running it without subdirectory support would be a pain in any case). So I would try those first, since they are still in active maintenance.

By gdx

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06-08-2019, 13:03

Sofarun is for DOS2.

For the DSK you need a floppy disk drive emulator (a Gotek customised for example) or a flash card adapter with Nextor/DOS2 inside + an expansion RAM of 128kB or more.

You can use some ROMs with a loader like ODO, SofaROM, etc.

What your hardware? A MSX1 with a floppy disk drive?

By bestiarum

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06-08-2019, 13:47

I was just doing some tests using BluMSX loaded with DOS 1.0 in a disk. Thank you guys I will try now the sofa run with Dos 2.0.

By sdsnatcher73

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06-08-2019, 14:40

Are you trying out before getting a real machine?? If so, that’s great to hear! With openMSX you’ll be able to try out an MSX with an MFR or Carnivore2 (with a disk image as SD or CF card) and see how great life is for MSX’ers these days Wink if you need help setting that up let me know and I am happy to help!

By bestiarum

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07-08-2019, 00:35

Hi sdsnatcher73, thank you very much! I was just doing some random tests! : )

By Parn

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07-08-2019, 14:10

Actually you'll probably won't ever be able to load a .DSK in such a basic configuration, since disk images are too large to fit on a disk. This is because the disk image is a raw mirror of the entire data on a disk, while on a real disk you always lose some of its nominal capacity to the boot sectors, the file allocation tables and directory data. After copying MSX-DOS files and necessary programs you get even less free space.

So it would make more sense if you're dealing with a fixed disk (like a hard drive or a memory card) on a real system. On an emulated system there's no advantage to load a disk image from MSX-DOS instead of directly mapping it to a drive. The same reasoning could be applied to ROM files, except that they're smaller, and if we're not talking about ROMs larger than 32kB it actually makes some sense. But yet, it would be better just to map the ROM file to a slot.

But anyway, I don't want to rain on your parade. If you want to keep doing random tests, more power to you. I'd also like to help however I can. Smile