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By msx fan finland

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15-05-2014, 09:14

i had bought more msx to me.

There is coming tome ax 170 al alamiah and cx 5 m too
From brazil also obsonet 2 and more opl4 shockwave thank you technobytes.

i love msx
im going to grow my msx capital even more in future. so seller this is yours chance to get rid of yours olds msxes
sell to me : what.mika@gmail.com
also whatsupp : +358505762995
skype soittajamuusikko / hauestaja msx
Greetings to all of you in msx society !


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15-05-2014, 09:31

You should have a nice collection by now Wink

By syn

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15-05-2014, 23:47

Lets post all our recent purchases here!!!

I recently "bought" +64kb build into my sanyo making it have 128 KB
I recently received my Nowind interface
I also bought a slot expander, a 1024KB mapper, and a joymega adapter.
Oh also Slender: the camping cart at nijmegen fair last januari, first msx game I bought in 25+ years I think?

And I also love msxWink And like Mika I will buy more in the future!
Like megaflashrom scc+sd
Real scc game
More memory
More msx! Smile
Also may need a mixer

Greetings and msx forever,


By luppie

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16-05-2014, 00:22

I have bought a Tabletop MSX and it is all for me.

More MSX is coming to me too, like the cartridge we are all waiting for like 3000 years
And even more MSX is coming to me, like a Panasonic WX, the case is looking realy bad and the keyboard is weared and teared and defect. But I dont care, cause I'm using its motherboard to upgrade the tabletop :D

Greetings and more MSX to every1

P.S. I'm a MSX fan from Holland :p

By syn

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16-05-2014, 00:29

Very cool Luppie, I saw you bid on it on marktplaats.. how much did you pay for it eventually and was this based on MSX1 or MSX2 (I saw on MP you could choose or something like that)?

By luppie

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16-05-2014, 00:36

I've paid what I've Bid Wink
This was based on a NMS8220 (I Did'nt had an option to choose, cause I did not had the highest bid)

By luppie

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16-05-2014, 00:36

Oh and I forgot to mention, that I'm even gonna buy more MSX Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By syn

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16-05-2014, 00:41

heh okay.. I dont remember what you bid though.. but its okay..

Does the msx fit in the cabinet somehow or is it pcb only? (I dont know how big that particular model is nor do I know how much space the cab has)

Anyway congratz on such a nice item and I wish to you all the MSX in the world minus a few for myself Wink

By luppie

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16-05-2014, 00:46

My bid was € 175,-
It's the PCB and not the complete case inside the cabinet.
Will post some pics tomorrow from the inside.

By Grauw

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16-05-2014, 03:01

I bought:

  • Zemmix Neo
  • Yamaha CX5MII
  • MegaFlashROM SCC+ SD
  • The Cartridge You Are Waiting For 3000 Years
  • 24" Samsung LCD TV with SCART input

I sold:

  • Philips VG8235

I threw away:

  • Philips CM 8833 monitor (malfunctioning)

I think maybe that’s enough for a while Smile.

By Meits

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16-05-2014, 07:18

I should've done that... Got 3 screens on a row... 2 24" and 1 22"... No good...

I will buy even more MSX

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