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By syn

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31-05-2014, 16:27

I got a playsoniq, padial sd interface and enough 3rd party sega controllers to last me a while.

I wanted to get pazos' megaflashromscc+sd but for now, i need a flashreader that works in expander more.

I think ill get a megaflashrom at some point though Wink

By msx fan finland

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22-06-2014, 17:51

hi there,
my MSX collection has grown again.
i have now also cx 5 m 1 version and yamaha msx cx 5 m II 128 is coming on the post...
ialso have now: ethernet by technobytes
opl4 shockwave
yamaha FB 01 sound module
FM sound stereo
harukaze 1 RS232 FAST + cable
sony trackball ( not that right one what im looking)

To me is coming also now in post :

Playsoniq , (nowind 2 (i hope)) , rittors music composer ( japanese) , sfg 05 , yrm 101 and 102 , yamaha keyboard (yk -10 ?)

Next autumn i will buy : fm paq , and that new msx 3 from tecnobytes if its ready ...

So, we all need more msx. M.S.X. = Music , Sex , eXtacy

you will see that im looking many different ways to buy even more msx.
i have found few places to buy :
local connections.

i havent try yet : msx meetings around the world.... this is huge challence to me.

for me is coming to sale soon few msx 2 game.

Everyone who want to sale some msx then let me know :
Mika T.
fb : msx panasonic GT
twitter : msxtrgt with midi

By gamemastermaarten

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29-06-2014, 14:12

Very nice. That you make from an msx. An msx arcade cabinet Tongue

By DerZocker

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01-07-2014, 16:08

Recently ordered a german MSX2 BASIC handbook, a modded RGB cable and a PSX to MSX controller adapter from ebay. I'd prefered to use my Saturn controllers, but as I have a Sony HitBit, it's kinda more fitting to use a PSX pad anyway ;D

By W76NearDark

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02-07-2014, 15:54

2 Acorn Atoms, an Acorn Archimedes 3000 and an Acorn Archimedes 3020...

By MäSäXi

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02-07-2014, 16:54

W76NearDark, you have a really nice computer for playing BASIC games! Smile

For anyone elses, who didn´t understood, Acorn Archimedes had unbelievable looking game, Zarch, written in BASIC. :-) I played the same game a lot on my Amiga, it was called Virus, and lots of colourshades had been ripped off but it was still a VERY good looking FAST action game! Check Amiga Virus video first and then watch Zarch running on Archimedes! Smile

By Meits

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02-07-2014, 17:55

Ah W, you bought them... Very nice... Curious to watch them do their thing Smile

By Retrofan

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02-07-2014, 18:08

luppie wrote:

Since my monitor has no Scart I have tested it on my Philips HD TV (46")

MSX Turbo-R RGB->Scart Cable:

MSX Turbo-R RGB->Scart Cable->Converter:

I think that the image from the converter is better then without it.

Hi Luppie, thanks to you, I'm also using this solution, great! But what about the sharpness of the text when scrolling? ("DIR" in DOS) Could you test this?
With my monitor (Samsung) it's somewhat less sharp than with RGB-Scart. Anyway it's better as my Samsung doesn't like 60Hz scart and gives me some waves all the time, which disappear with this converter as it uses HDMI instead. Also, no noise anymore from Scart on my amplifier!

By W76NearDark

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10-07-2014, 15:04

Meits wrote:

Ah W, you bought them... Very nice... Curious to watch them do their thing Smile

Couldn't help myself.... Also bought an Acorn 3010 and an Acorn Risc PC Cool

Now it's a crowd Tongue

By amigaman07

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19-07-2014, 15:40

I have owned Many MSX Machines over the Years, but have currently got 4 MSX Machines.

a Toshiba HX-10 (64k) MSX 1
a Canon V20 (64k) (Black) MSX 1 (as I have seen these in White)
a Yamaha CX5M MSX 1
a Pioneer PX7 Laser Disk Compatible MSX

All in Good Working Condition I must add.

Darren (amigaman07) in AUST

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