I want to make graphics for MSX again

By Collo

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08-05-2018, 19:36

Hi all,

The topic says it all. I made the graphics for Eggbert in the 90''s, and many others since on other systems. But I'd love to get back to MSX graphics now. If anyone has a cool project in need of GFX, let me know!

Collin Smile

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By tfh

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08-05-2018, 20:12

Hey Collin!

Welcome back here Smile
I don't know if you have been keeping track, but:


And the MSXDev '18 has started. Maybe someone could use some help there :) :)

By Manuel

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08-05-2018, 21:33

Hey Collin! Good to see you here. There always used to be loads of demand for graphics artists...

By Grauw

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08-05-2018, 23:57

Hi Collo, that’s awesome! Big smile

Graphics artists for MSX are not so plentiful, and Eggbert looked really great so I’d love to see more of that! Smile

In the mean while, I’ll promote the pixel art thread.

By Vampier

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09-05-2018, 06:52

Manuel: isn't it time to give to openMSX graphics an overhaul? They haven't changed in a decade Tongue

By Manuel

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09-05-2018, 08:23

He was talking about graphics for MSX...