Info on how DISK access and DISK BIOS work

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By zeilemaker54

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20-06-2015, 09:14

Of course it is not allowed to directly access hardware according to the msx standard. That is why there are bios calls in the frist place. But if you want to know how the hardware is being used by the diskdrive which is included in the disk rom, you might want to taken a look at my msxsyssrc project msxsyssrc
Under the diskdrvs map there are a number of different controllers.

By Edevaldo

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19-10-2017, 17:22

If I understand the question yes. As long as you provide the function calls for the BIOS accessing the 2.88MB disk would be transparent from DOS/BASIC/etc.

By Edevaldo

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19-10-2017, 17:24


zeilemaker54: Of course it is not allowed to directly access hardware according to the msx standard.

Unless you are writing the driver... I think the question was geared towards that direction.

By Pencioner

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26-10-2017, 00:32

So basically, is it correct: you can use 0F37DH Disk Basic routines the same way you use MSXDOS1 routines at 0005H ?

By Grauw

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26-10-2017, 08:43

Almost, iirc there are a few limitations, like you can't read files directly to page 1.


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26-10-2017, 10:03

It is a bit different issue from hardware (disk ROM) developer point of view than it is from MSX software developer point of view... Developer ie. needs to provide routine called DISKS that returns number of physical drives. How ever this is linked during compile time and MSX software developer can not use this routine since it does not have standard entry point and the location inside disk ROM may differ from manufacturer to another. It will be used only by disk ROM internally as part of other functions.

Best way to get inside the disk ROM internals is indeed to dig in to zeilemaker54's msxsyssrc project. Before that it may be good idea to read Nextor legacy driver support documentation & template driver. This is practically same thing explained in English. These can be found from Konamiman's www-page.

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