Interesting youtube...

By djh1697

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06-05-2017, 01:28

By santiontanon

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06-05-2017, 15:34

For some reason I feel I had seen that video before, but really nice, thanks for sharing!

By evulopah

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07-05-2017, 11:26

Fun to watch Smile would have seen more of an older Bill Gates who tells stories about that time

By Manuel

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07-05-2017, 21:07

This is a very good intro video on MSX. It uses some existing video material and picks the right parts to summarize what MSX is. Great job MSX-USA guys! Smile

It also becomes clear again to me, what the idea of Microsoft was: for the low-end market, 8-bit machines would suffice and be good to make a universal computer standard. The IBM compatibles was the mid/high end market as universal computer standard. (I think Nishi had the idea that MSX was more the 'computerize everything' (nowadays IOT) device, at least more than Gates...)

So what I think happened: the PC stuff became cheaper so quickly, that it made the low-end 8-bit market obsolete. That's how MSX really stopped to be interesting. It served its purpose for a while, until PC's became so cheap that it was actually obsolete, unless the price would have dropped even more. The idea was that this could have happened by making most of the MSX out of a single chip which would be justified by the large amount of chips that could be sold (as each manufacturer could use that same chip the volume would be high). Apparently that single chip MSX became too late to really drop the prices (yes, we do have MSX-ENGINE/SYSTEM chips) or the prices were still not dropped enough.

Anyway, end of brainfart/2cts.

By AxelStone

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08-05-2017, 21:09

@Manuel I totally agree with your analysis, in fact it's exactly what I've thought allways about MSX standard. The idea behind MSX was similar to IBM PC: open standard, lots of machines and peripherals...but cheap version of PC. MSX was a good low-end professional machine, it had interesting devices as plotters, graphic tablets, barcode scanners, video digitizers, etc. There were a lot of business that could be covered with MSX. In comparison, other systems as Spectrum, Commodores, Amstrad or Atari were "closed architecture single manufacturer machines".

However IBM PC prizes dropped so fast that most users decided jump to PC in belief that spending a bit more in the computer would ensure longer life cycle to your machine. It's sad, but perhaps MSX could be alive today with a good prize plan.

By gamemastermaarten

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31-05-2017, 15:17

Nice video about the introduction of MSX. My Toshiba HX-10 are also in this video. My dad has also members they are using MSX in the 80s That is the way that my dad give my from an friend an MSX to me completed. Crying It is time that I made an change collect MSX games software at all. I like that Japanese box arts. Smile2