Is it possible to convert disk images onto a real floppy?

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By meits

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15-11-2013, 19:51

If the DSK is 100% filebased you can use Diskmanager...
Affiniate DSK files with Disk Manager so the DSK file will look like a disk... Iirc this goes automated, but I don't remember since it is too long ago since I installed it...
Double click on the DSK file and Disk Manager opens... You can select all or a few files and drag them out of it to your computer... If you still have a disk drive in your computer, you can copy the files to it...
You can not enter/copy sub directories with Disk Manager... Dunno why...

If you have a sector based DSK file (open it with disk manager and if you see nothing, get an error message or the content is a big load o' crap) you better copy the DSK file to a CF/SD cart and transfer the whole DSK like that to your MSX... Then start your MSX in DOS and use Putdisk to exctract the content to a disk in your disk drive... (first extract Putdisk with pmext)

Lot of txt, but it's rather easy...

By Manuel

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15-11-2013, 20:06

Or check the FAQ... it's in there at the DSK section.

By gdx

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17-11-2013, 12:31

Thank you,

Putdisk seems to be what I wanted.

By kaladron

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01-11-2020, 14:56

Hey all. I thought some of you might like to know that 14 years after starting this topic I finally managed to get the fan translation onto real floppy disks by making use of an Amiga MSX emulator. I documented the whole process here in case anyone is interested.

By Grauw

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01-11-2020, 15:23

Hi kaledron, just wanted to point you to the new translation of SD Snatcher that was made in 2014, read more about it in this newspost.

By kaladron

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02-11-2020, 13:28

Thank you. I knew about that but for some reason I thought you had to pay for it. This will give me a great excuse to replay the game in the future.

By FiXato

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02-11-2020, 18:17

It was originally a paid translation patch, but after several years the team was kind enough to make it freeware. Big smile

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