Just a few msx2 questions.

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13-02-2020, 20:47

stevejock1 wrote:

So I've wanted an msx for a while now, and I'm finally ready to get one. I just was hoping a few people could answer some questions that I have.{Here you can find a nice spam url- removed, hamlet}

I have a lot of 1.4mb floppies from back into the day. It seems these will work in the 720 drive, but can anyone confirm?

Are cart games able to be put on a disk and played for translation purposes? I'm not asking for links or anything, just information like for SD Snatcher.

I see that there is still a community making programs and games for the system. I'm interested in learning basic, what would be the best resource?

Thank you for your time!

my issue has been solved

By hamlet

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13-02-2020, 20:47

Well, another issue solved spamer. I blocked him.

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