Konami development tools revealed

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By chu082011

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13-09-2012, 03:34

chu082011 wrote:
CrazyBoss wrote:

it even seems like it have build-in-eprom-programmer Smile then its was easy for konami to test there code on a real MSX. So maybe they had a board for the vdp and psg and maybe the MSX bios, so it could in someway emulate a real MSX? - but a great idea cause they could used break-points and so to test the code. If coding on a real MSX its more hard.


Thanks for your information. I have got some my subject. I'll return back.

Take care.

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By ByteBusters

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25-03-2014, 16:20

sd_snatcher wrote:

Fantastic! And that explains why all Konami megarom games always seemed to be designed for a machine with a faster Z80 processor, thus run on 3.57MHz MSX machines skipping frames constantly: The 64252A Z80 emulator pod had only two possible speeds:

1) 3.6MHz without waitstates
2) 4MHz with waitstates when accessing the memory

Wouldn't this fact also nullify the arguments stating that "turbo MSX's aren't really compatible"? Since our best games were coded/tested on a machine with completely different characteristics and everything went just fine.

I know this topic is somewhat dated, but when I read it recently it just came to mind that the SNK guys had it right with the Neo Geo. The Z80 is a co-processor in the system but running at 4MHz.

By Grauw

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25-03-2014, 17:22

This story from the person who did the Spectrum port of R-Type also speaks of such cross-development machines. Although he ran his code on an actual Spectrum, he deployed to it through a little loader program and a serial connection.


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05-04-2014, 14:13


Spectrum R-type version is a nice port,cool stuff here.

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